Saturday, March 4, 2017

Photo Dump

I have another photo dump to do! I accumulate all of these awesome photos but have so little time to blog that they often get left out of posts. So, I have to take a whole post to share!

Family photo

Big Frank, also known as Eeyore

Dilly you so cool

It's hard to take care of babies that just want to be all over you all the time

All. The. Time.


Fools on the hill

Uma is learning to smile on command

Chunky Zoodle

Best friends

Oohhhhhh dirty...


My clients put me on a vaulting horse for fun!

Don't look now Sriracha, he's right behind you!!

Mare in the rain, before baby


I'm sure I'll have more next month!


  1. Hooray for photos <3

    As a sidenote, I just wanted to let you know I have changed my blog name, so it may not show up in your reader list anymore. The new url is www dot twoandahalfhorses dot blogspot dot com. You may have to re-enter it into your reader list to follow again.

  2. Allllll of the cute donkey/mule ears omg ♥♥♥