Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 322... Nothing So Far

Day 322 and we've had no change for the past week or so in udder size and shape. P's back end and vulva are so floppy sloppy that everything just sort of jiggles and wiggles - it's funny to poke her in the tailhead and watch her whole butt ripple. Her demeanor seems to have changed though in the past few days - she is moving slowly and not eating very much hay. Still eating her grain well, but not eating hay with as much gusto. She is doing more standing around than eating, which is VERY unusual for her - surely she is finally starting to be uncomfortable. And she outright RAN from me when I took her flymask off last night - not totally unusual, because she hates her flymask, but I also think she is getting tired of being poked and prodded every day. Can't blame her there!

So much bloom so wow
All that green and no appetite. O is behind her refusing to leave her to go eat, because she can't brain without a friend 

The days have suddenly gotten infinitely longer. Every one of them drags by, because of how impatient I am! It will come when it comes and there's nothing to be done about that, so I just have to sit here and twiddle my thumbs and wait! I did braid her tail this morning, just to feel like I'm doing something to expedite the process. When the time comes I'll actually wrap her tail to keep it out of the way. Cleaning birthing fluids out of a tail is a gross smelly process, if you've never done it before. 

On the red beast front, O got back to work yesterday with a lunge. She was on her very best behavior and gave me some lovely work. Since I have no harness right now, I am stuck with lunges or long lining (or riding, if I got *really* crazy), until it does. Which is fine, but.... still. I really need to get back in the box seat to make sure all of her brain cells are working as a functional unit before the show. They should be, seeing as every day is a new day for this mare and so long as *you* aren't holding onto the last bad workout, *she* won't hold onto it either... but still, I need of need to know this before we get to the showgrounds!

Give me grass

I will have a post up shortly about that AWESOME new custom fly bonnet O is sporting, and where you can get one too! 


  1. wow P's coat looks amazing - those dapples!! so excited :)

  2. Getting so excited for Baby P to arrive!!