Saturday, March 28, 2015

Impatiently Waiting

Now that we have crossed the 320 threshold (day 324 today, and no changes except a slightly bigger udder today), I'm twiddling my thumbs and hanging around, getting my focus back on other more alarming matters that are speeding toward me. Like for instance: the fact that Sunrise Ridge is only 14 days away and I HAVE NO HARNESS. Gahh!!

I've been pestering the lady and so far she hasn't heard from her harness maker. They have special distinct orders to get it to me before the 9th - but my god, even if it gets here on the 9th that will mean I won't really get to drive at all before we have to leave for the show. I REALLY REALLY hope it gets here before that!

I am SO happy though that my chrome rein rail is in the mail - it will be a pretty simple install once it arrives! I need to get a bit of paint and touch-up the cart in a few spots, and wash it really well, and then it will be ready to roll. I hopefully am having another lesson on the 3rd... but this is pending harness of course.

I've lightly lunged O a couple days in a row now - I don't normally do this much lunging, but I want her to do *something* daily while we lead up to the show. Lightly usually means no more than 15 minutes, and more like 10 for these last two. She was totally perfect yesterday and total, poking along like she was mostly asleep, listening to her commands and being very, very quiet. Quieter than usual, even! I have a very full day tomorrow so she'll either be lightly long-lined, or have off. Mostly next week I plan on long-lining and reinforcing all of her commands - kind of dressage-on-the-ground, sort of. 

Trying to capture artsy pictures of Pmare at day 323...

... but I had some company....

... who could not help but be RIGHT there waiting for some lovins'.  I was kneeling taking pictures of P, and just aimed the camera straight up!

It's one thing I do love about this mare, how affectionate she is. For all that people have been mean to her, and done terrible things to her, that never dampened her genuine longing for human interaction. If I am anywhere in her paddock for any period of time, she is right there next to be following me around, waiting to be scratched. If I ignore her and do something else - like take pictures of P, for example - she'll just stand there and doze, and stay with me. And she always comes when I show up with a halter - always, even if I've pulled her out a million times already that day for various things. It is really, really endearing.

With no ability to drive, and with the show looming up on me, I am directing my energies towards getting everything else together in the interim, so there is no panicked last-second scramble. I am probably already going to be panicked last second if my harness shows up really late, so I am trying to minimize that! I scoured over my list of supplies - I think I have everything I need. I'm only missing, you know... the most critical thing on there. O.o 

I also went ahead and reapplied Easyshoes on O's fronts today. I may do her hinds as well, but probably not right now. The Easycare support team contacted me via my blog and passed on a few of their mad genius tips I hadn't thought of before - so hopefully we can get them to STAY this time!

Basically I feel like I am sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for all of these enormous things to happen, when the enormous things are flying towards me at high speed:

1) Show season starting 
2) Pmare being due
3) House hunting
4) Working working working working
5) Going to CA this summer
6) Going to MI this summer

I am waiting for this harness... and waiting for this baby... and then everything is going to break loose!


  1. I am excited for you about this baby!!!

    In the meantime, while waiting for your harness, could you still ground drive O?

  2. If your life is anything like mine, the harness and the foal will both arrive on the same day :)

  3. Ugh how annoying, but you're doing everything you can. Hope everything arrives on time and goes smoothly!

  4. Just curious: How's Immy doing? You haven't updated about her in months!

  5. haha the anticipation is killing me - i can't imagine how you're handling it!

  6. I love that nose shot! I've gotten pictures like that when Chrome is standing over me while I take pictures of other things. :)