Sunday, March 1, 2015

End of February Analysis; March Goals!

 In the same way that February came in, it is going out - with rain, ice, freezing temps, and general crappage. This winter has been really temperamental - a few weeks in the 80's with plentiful sunshine, a few weeks with ice, rain, and mud. I'm still solidly frozen into my house, though I did manage to venture out for about 10 minutes yesterday in 4-low without killing myself. I'm not risking going anywhere farther until it melts some more.

We didn't get much done in February. I think she only worked about 10 days out of the entire month - that's really bad. But there just wasn't much that could be done about it. I am desperately hoping that March's weather improves, although the forecast is for nothing but rain and more ice for the next week. When you don't have a covered arena - or an arena at all, for that matter - you just have to play by mother nature's rules. I plan on installing my winch ASAP so I can try and get off the property, but there aren't any covered arenas nearby with decent footing that will let driving horses come on the property. Not much that can be done about it except drive on the roads, when they aren't icy. Sigh.


 O-Ren February Goals:

1) Find an arena to trailer to - and use it for dressage work, cones, obstacles, anything I can set up!
 Well, this is kind of a success - I have an outdoor arena close by that I have permission to go to. I just have to get my winch installed, and wait for it to stop freaking raining. I am using the neighbor's field now which is really great - it's kind of lumpy and not flat, but I have enough room to make one 40 meter circle, and that's at least something. 

2) Find a trainer if at all possible - and trailer out for some lessons
Success, kinda! I did get to trailer out for one lesson with G, then had to reschedule my second lesson due to weather - and I haven't heard back from him about a reschedule. I guess we'll have to see? I do have another tentative lesson set up with a different trainer on the 17th - if the weather cooperates that is!

3) Solidify plans for cart transport - in truck bed! Get ramps, winch, ratchet straps, and padding
I have the ramps - I just need the winch. Hard to install a winch when your truck is covered in solid ice.
4) Make a purchase list for equipment!
Success! All the downtime did let me get all of that together, and I was able to order most everything that I need. I have another small list that needs to be completed, but all I have to do basically is press the checkout button. I have a couple little things to pick up too like electrical tape and Vetwrap, but that's all stuff I can get locally with ease.
5) Continue on all of the same training fronts as before - work on transitions, dressage work, cones exercises, etc
Success, when we could do it! I talked a lot this month about being tactful with this mare. Things go well when you humor her, and when you use equipment she likes. Doing things in the Happy Mouth snaffle makes a huge difference for her, and not pissing her off also makes a huge difference. 

Pangea Goals:

1) Continue monitering food intake, weight, and comfort level
 Success! Not much I had to do there. She's at a great weight, looks amazing, is eating like a pig, and is very comfortable.

2) Give final rhino shot!
Success! No problems there!


 O-Ren March Goals:
1) Stay as best as possible to a training schedule despite the weather - the weather will be a huge upcoming challenge!
2) Finish ordering all supplies needed for showing! And make sure they are all organized!
3) Get winch installed, and padding/ratchet straps, and practice loading cart in trailer - and then go places!
4) Practice cones at a tight clearance, and run through dressage tests, specifically Training 2 POM
5) Make sure fully prepped for the April HDT - send in entry form, make sure all supplies are on hand, re-read rulebook, secure a navigator, and everything else I am forgetting!
6) Work on the same training things - quiet transitions, supple bending in both directions, etc.
7) Change out all hardware on carriage to brass

Pangea March Goals:
1) Make sure all foaling supplies are on hand
2) Give full set of shots mid-month
3) Start monitoring outward physical signs and udder development!


March and April are both going to be BIG months in terms of stuff that is happening! March is my favorite month!

In 6 days... the local Beginner to Winner seminar takes place.
In 7 days... Daylight saving time will happen, and that means one step closer to summer!
In 11 days... I will turn 30 years old. 30! That's insane. And old.
In 20 days... another fun day of seminars called the Day of Dressage takes place.
In 23 days.... P will officially be considered full term, and the waiting game begins.
In 41 days... O's first ADS sanctioned show happens!
In 43 days.... P will officially hit her due date! If she makes it that long!
In 56 days... the first NTW Games Day of the year takes place, if I decide to go to it. 

That's a LOT of stuff in two months!! I definitely don't feel ready for show season to begin! It's very, very hard to start a brand new sport, you don't really know what to expect!



  1. I am SO excited to see what P has been cooking up in there <3

    And of course, excited to see O strut her stuff!!

  2. So much exciting stuff happening!!!

  3. I'm not sorry to say bye to February at all lol. Seems like you were quite successful at staying on top of your goals despite crappy weather. And sooo many more exciting things happening!!!

  4. 30 was one of my best.years.ever! 30s in general have been the best time in my life so look forward to that big bday, girl! Can't wait to meet the baby in just a few short weeks! Squeeee!

  5. Whoa! Sounds like an exciting two months are in store for you :) I can't wait to see P's baby!

  6. Wow great job on the goals espeically given the crazy weather!! So excited for the next 6 weeks for you!!

  7. I feel you on the no arena thing.. I'm catching up so I missed it but happy belated birthday!! You beat me to thirty by a few months hehe. I'm so excited about all the fun stuff you have coming up, especially the baby!!!!