Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enjoying her week of downtime!

Immy is definitely enjoying her week of downtime. Not only is her weight bouncing back already, but her attitude is 110% improved. I will be away for the next few days at an equine rescue class (awesome stuff to learn!!), but come Sunday we'll be starting back up with lunging again. Hopefully we'll be able to carry on right where we left on... minus last week, of course.

It has been SERIOUSLY FREEZING this week.... 14 degrees yesterday morning, and 17 degrees this morning. Yes, in Texas. I KNOW, RIGHT? Today was the first day I actually pulled their heavyweights off of them since Sunday, even though I left Immy with a sheet on during the day. Does she not look cute in Gogo's light blue stuff?

P's heavyweight came off this morning and she got to be naked all day. Immy comes in for an extra grain meal (they are out on pasture with 24/7 hay) just until her weight stabilizes (and by grain I mean alfalfa pellets, a fat supplement, and her usual supplements and herbs), but all P gets is enough hay pellets and a smidgen of a fat supplement to just wash all her supplements and herbs down. She only gets this once a day seeing as it is hardly a handful.... and she is NOT amused when Immy comes in for breakfast and she does not.


I'll be back Sunday! 


  1. So interesting, it has been unseasonably warm here! P looks so cute :)

  2. Have fun at the class and learn lots :) I am sure the time off is good for Immys brain.. hopefully she is back to normal Sunday!

  3. Lol @ last caption. We've all seen that look on our horses' faces!!