Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Zooms

Is it too early to say that I think Immy has caught a little bit of spring fever?

Yes, yes, I hear all of you Northern folk complaining about your wretched weather and subzero temps.... I'd like to point out that it was 75 degrees today with abundant sunshine and a light breeze, and not only did I spend most of the day in a t-shirt, but both mares also had baths and dried nicely out in the sunshine. 
Hey, I put up with the Great White North for the first 25 years of my life.... I feel perfectly entitled to rub our good winter weather in when we get it. After all, it DID snow here this winter, TWICE. Almost a whole inch... maybe even TWO whole inches. And it stayed. For a DAY. Quelle horreur! 

Immy standing out in the sunshine, soaking wet but starting to dry after her bath today (she was on her best behavior!):

Yes, they are all basically the same picture, but.... she is so stinking cute that I just couldn't help myself!
(And that giant badonky... she for sure has Arab in her, and the bigger that booty gets, the more certain I am that she has QH in her too!)

I also went back and compared all of her old pictures to her more recent pictures... it is SO interesting to see the changes in her demeanor now that she has a job, a new life, and no annoying colt to pester her. She looks like an old nag in some of my older pictures of her... she's so different now!

S also caught the girls playing today, which she says they do most every day... she got the last bit of Immy's bucks and leaps on video and sent it to me:

She has a bad case of The Zooms!!!!

Unfortunately for me, all of The Zooms she has had lately are not always confined to when she is in her paddock.... more on that shortly ;)


  1. I think it's a great testament to how good she's feeling and how much more she's enjoying life that she has The Zooms! :)

  2. I love how Pangea just pretty calmly goes for the camera and looks for cookies :) And Immy just sounds like she's feeling good!

  3. Yes, it looks like Pangea is patiently waiting for her cookies. They both look so great!

  4. Bucky bucky! Zoomy zoom zoomz!!