Monday, March 11, 2013

I have been forgiven!

Hooray! I have been forgiven for my deworm-y trespasses. No longer am I the Evil Scary Dewormer Lady... I am now just the regular old Nice Lady that I was before. Last week was a bit of a nightmare, and unless another situation like this arises where I feel like a PowerPac is really needed, I'll be sticking with moxidectin for my encysted strongyle needs. As it stands, the PowerPac did exactly what I needed it to do in this situation.

Following her PowerPac, she went through a few days where she was hard to catch, then when caught she refused to do more than just pick at her grainfoods. Part of this may be due to the fact that she was out of several of her important herbs (note to self: my herb supplier is REALLY SLOW at getting orders to me, so order them sooner than I think I will need them... when I run out, my order will NOT be here in time!) The missing herbs did include the marshmallow root and slippery elm, so potentially her belly was hurting after all the worm die-off and several days worth of chemicals, and she didn't want to eat grainfoods. She is also extremely picky though, and perhaps she just didn't want to eat the foods since they tasted different without her regular herbs. Who knows. Either way, she is now back to completely gobbling down her food, even more so than pre-PowerPac. (This is a huge relief for me... I fret about this like crazy!)

She lost a few pounds in the past week for sure, but will likely gain it back quickly. With luck, our Omeprazole will be in shortly, and we can do a test trial with it to see if it makes a difference for her or not. If it does, great! If it doesn't, then I will have lots of Omeprazole handy to dose her before any sort of major stress or travel. 

It stormed like crazy here last night, so everything is mushy mud, and the mares are both completely encrusted in mud. Immy is enjoying her bit of downtime while her body recoups, and she is back to being her regular old self. 

She was not amused to see the blanket being hauled out AGAIN. It is supposed to be 29 degrees tonight, which is absolutely shocking for nearly mid-March in Texas. I don't even know what to do with myself... this winter has been SO long and rainy and cold and crappy! All the little flowers keep trying to come out, and then they die again because everything keeps refreezing. Ugh!

Winter! Just GO AWAY!


  1. I'm glad the power pack helped and that she has forgiven you. :) And yes I too hope winter ends soon.... however after finding my first tick I'm now dreading the bugs coming out! How do I keep forgetting about them? I just want bugless warmth... is that too much to ask??

  2. Ha, I TOLD you she'd come around. Nothing a few cookies can't fix.

    Fingers crossed that the PowerPac does the trick and she packs on weight pronto!

  3. Not that I'm ready for summer, but this winter seems to be lasting a lot longer than my previous Texas winters! Glad you're no longer the scary lady :)

  4. I hear you about winter, though it's hard for me to imagine your winter being bad considering my winter ;-) It's all in what you know!

    My friend has a horse who is extremely sensitive to new tastes and smells. It took him weeks to accept a carrot, same with mints. When I offered him apple, he gave the flehmen response for several minutes. There is no point to telling you this other than your post reminded me of this horse :-)