Friday, May 17, 2013

Just Call Me Sherlock

I might be completely techno-challenged at times, but you can't say I am not a super sleuth when I am hunting for information. When I want to find something, I FIND IT.

It took me a LOT of searching, but somehow I managed to track down more information on O-Ren. I literally only knew the stories I had been told about her past (and let's be honest, you never REALLY know if a seller is telling you the truth or not)... more than anything I went with her conformation, temperament, and movement over her supposed history. As it turns out, the seller was actually telling the truth for the most part, although her jumping was a little exaggerated.

Once I figured out some key components, I found a whole mess of old photos of her, information on her bloodlines, who her breeder was, and where she originally came from. She was born in Ohio and was bought by her old owner as a rising 3 y/o, and then lived in MI until she was moved down to TX with the woman I bought her from. It looks like she has always been the opinionated, goofy, redheaded mare that she is now.... not surprised there either!

Her sire is a Selle Francais named Gawan D'Amour, and she is out of a Jockey Club registered mare named Just Plain Spree (a Raise A Native granddaughter). I knew she was 1/2 Selle 1/2 TB, but I had no way of being able to track down who her parents were via DNA type unless I knew their names. As it turns out, it's a moot point anyway because Gawan D'Amour apparently contracted EPM right before his stallion testing, so he was never approved for the Selle studbook anyway. He's gorgeous, but it sounds like he never did anything performance-wise due to the EPM. The mare was a training level eventer and toted some kids around Pony Club

The Raise A Natives can be opinionated (no surprise there) and also make great eventers!

Here's O as a tiny little 3 y/o:

O free jumping as a 3 y/o:

I'm actually a little disappointed with that form. While she's a good jumper, she's not as great as I expected her to be given her conformation. She was only 3 in those photos, and she had never freejumped before, but she made less use of her shoulders than she should have. She's done A LOT of maturing since then, and that fence is tiny, so it's possible that with schooling she'll improve. (And, let's be honest... so long as you are safe with your front end it doesn't make all that much how typey you are over fences if you are an eventer... I think I was just spoiled due to Gogo's super athleticism.) 

Oh well... I guess even Rolex competitors don't always have the greatest form - so long as they aren't doing this over fences and they're keeping well clear of them, you're usually all right. Who knows, it could change over larger fences! (I can hope, right?)

That's her all right.... what a goof. She had a big swig of my beer at the barrel race and also loves to drink out of the hose!

Here's her after her bath today... she's clearly matured a bit in the past few years!

She was supposed to be ridden today, but by the time I got out of work it was approaching 100 degrees with unbearable humidity. It's time to start riding at dawn again... otherwise it is just TOO HOT during the day. It normally isn't that humid here, but the recent rains have made the air thick and miserable. I felt like I was drowning all day! (I can do the 100 degree temps without much complaining... but with humidity? Forget it!)

Tomorrow we start to do a little conditioning work... she'll be in jump tack for the first time since I have had her. Excited!


  1. You're not judging her jumping form just off that one little video, right?

    I have no idea what kind of talent she has, but a lot of talented jumpers don't jump worth squat over tiny fences.

  2. No, like I had mentioned it could change with her maturity, schooling, and larger fences - I hope! She looks very downhill and heavy through her shoulders there, and she was young - things very well could be better now. What I liked most in the videos was her ability to get out of a tight spot cleanly, and her enthusiasm - once she figured it out she was running at them by herself!

  3. Yup, she is only stepping over those jumps. I don't really judge a horse until they're jumping at least 3'6" (unless they really have no talent at all, or very limited talent). She was good at getting out of tight spots and good with her knees too. I also liked her hind end. Looking forward to seeing how she develops!

  4. I have a friend with a gelding who she thought was maxed out talent wise at the 2'9"-3' hunters... as it turns out, if you jack the jumps up to 4'6" he turns into freaking Gem Twist and has been doing the Modifieds ever since!

  5. Wow, how in the heck did you find out all of that info?? Nice work! So my question is.... are you keeping her??? Is she going to be your next eventer if she proves talented over higher fences?

    Oh and the humidity kills me too. Heat is fine, humidity sucks!