Saturday, September 5, 2015

ISR/Oldenburg Inspection 9/4/2015

Yesterday was the ISR/Oldenburg inspection! I can't believe it is over and done with already. It seemed like such a long time coming!

I conned asked B2 to come help me handle the horses, and she agreed. B1 also came and manned the camera, along with another friend. It was so nice to have support and help! I couldn't have done it without them, truly. 

The night before, I bathed both the girls, and then the morning of I braided them. P stood fine to be braided, but B2 had to help me hold the babe still - she was well behaved but a bit wiggly, can't blame her there. Pax was also awful loading in the trailer - we ended up having to forcibly shove her in with a lunge line behind her butt. Luckily, she was good about loading up on the way home - she just needs more practice, something I haven't had a lot of time for this summer. We will keep working on it before she gets any bigger!

Skeptical filly is skeptical 

As I filled out paperwork, the ladies got cleaned up and had their turn with the Paparazzi: 

Pax is going through her first really ugly growth stage right now. It was bad timing - a couple of weeks ago, she was gorgeous, and this week she was just all kinds of awkward. That's the luck of the draw though, can't control their growth!

Awkward growth stage

Good old Pmare... I worked hard to make her look halfway decent!

Can't deny that gut though.

Distract the baby

Overall, they scored pretty well. P actually did better than expected - she had an overall score of 99, which solidly put her in the Main Mare Book. P is, bless her heart, not the most perfect of mares. Pax scores an overall 7.9 - a tenth of a point away from being a Premium foal. The judge had a lot of great things to say about her, and she did get an 8.0 for type and impression. He said that she's just going through an ugly butt high phase right now, and because of that she's not moving all that great through her shoulder right now. But he said she was clearly a nice filly, it was just bad timing and the luck of the draw. She was the Reserve Site Champion - the Site Champion had an 8.0, so we were quite close. Considering the fact that the other broodmare was absolutely gorgeous, I am pleased - P is the goose that laid a golden egg! Pax also got branded at the end of the day. She is the only one in my herd who is branded - although I have been strongly considering freeze branding my permanent herd members. Might have to get on that, one of these days....

Overall I'm happy. I think Pax is about the nicest thing P could have produced. Neither of them are super fancy or perfect, but they are good eggs and they do well for me. At the end of the day, that is what counts!


  1. Glad it went so well. Yay P and Pax!!

  2. They both looked gorgeous! Congrats on a successful day!

  3. Pax's ears crack me up so much! So expressive! Congrats :)

  4. Congratulations! Pax is adorable though.

  5. They are both gorgeous to me! :D Congrats on a successful day! Pax has the most gorgeous face. Chrome went through a growth phase just like that with the neck and everything. It doesn't last long hehe.

  6. congrats baby Pax! bummer about the bad timing growth-wise, but she still looks like a lovely baby and clearly the judge recognized her potential.

  7. Glad things went off without a hitch!