Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome Dylan!!!

Dylan the Man arrived today safe and sound! He was a little behind schedule - mid-afternoon instead of mid-morning - but the fact that the shipper got him here today was the main thing. Approvals is tomorrow, and nobody was going to be here to receive him if he showed up tomorrow!

He unloaded fine, and did a manly prance and holler, but that was about the worst of his behavior, and once I told him to put four on the floor he quit. He has no access to my mares but he can see them, and he of course has been spending a lot of time in that corner of the pasture talking to them. None of the mares are remotely interested in him, which is just great for his ego. I'm thankful that none of my girls are troublemakers - the less they pay attention to him, the better. 

He is a bit on the thin side right now, and he definitely needs to fill out. He is also a terrible fencewalker, something that K said started sometime after they moved to SC. He is currently alternating between grabbing some bites out of his haybag, and walking back and forth in his corner. We'll be doing some adjustments - he's changing over from stall/paddock life to turnout 24/7, and he is also changing from grain (TC Senior) to my usual hay pellets/Healthy Glo/vitamin mineral supplement. Removing the hard grains, providing free choice hay, and letting horses be out all the time had really made a huge difference for my herd. Darby is my good current example - she's in her 30's but you almost can't tell her apart from O!

I may not be good at many things, but making horses slick and happy is one of them. And Dylan is my next target!


  1. I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelings through your blog!
    PPC Expert

  2. Yay new boy! I'm moving my mare from stall to 24/7 pasture this weekend- her first time and pretty sure she'll react just like Dylan trying to adjust to it all haha

    Hope you don't mind a new reader/follower btw! :)

  3. he is just so lovely - i'm so excited that you have him now!!! can't wait to him bust out all his fancy dressage moves lol

  4. Sooooo attractive. Welcome to the best sleep-away camp ever, Dylan! I bet you're gonna love it!

  5. I wish I could send Simon to you for a fattening up camp. That horse is a hard keeper. Dylan looks amazing!

  6. I love your horse keeping! He will thrive on it! I'm glad he arrived safe. I can't wait to "get to know him" more through your blog. :D