Saturday, January 2, 2016

End of December Analysis; January Goals!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to blog more regularly, even if it is about mundane stuff. It's worth it to make sure that I more thoroughly document everything. I might not have a ton of time at the end of the day to write *everything* down, but I do have the ability to make little notes on everything and make sure I have everything compiled for a full write up later. A lot of my fun, funny little stories go by the wayside because I forget to write them down. I always had loads of funny things to write about Gogo - I have quite a lot less of them now, but they are still there and still need to be shared!


Dylan November Goals:
1) Continue hacking out 1-2x a week!
Success, mostly! With the holidays and the bad weather we didn't get as much done at the end of the month as we did the beginning - as was to be expected.

2) Continue trailering to WD, 2-3x a week if possible
Success! Again, like with the first goal, we were gone for a week and then stuck in the mud the rest of the time, so we did the best we could with what we had.

3) Continue working on my own strength in the saddle!
Success! Again, always an ungoing process!

4) Contact the local trainer of my choice - ask about upcoming lessons! 
Didn't do this one, again - but I will. It really is a struggle because I want to be able to be strong enough and physically sound enough to make it through an entire lesson before I take one, and I don't think my leg is capable of holding up for that long. BUT, I am seeing a new physical therapist for it, so hopefully this gets better!

5) Continue working on the show schedule, which memberships I need to renew, get a calendar together, and plan which things I will need to replace
I didn't get this one done to the extent that I would like - I did get a calendar together, and I have a good idea of what I need to do, but haven't put everything completely together yet as I just haven't had the time. Dylan is currently acting more like my therapist instead of my show pony, so as we gradually shift from one to the other this will become more of a priority.

O November Goals:
1) Continue driving 1x a week 2-4 miles to keep fitness up through the winter!
Success! Like with Dylan, we ran into problems with time over the holidays, which is fine. Thankfully the holidays are over now, and aside from a short trip to San Fransisco this month, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon!
2) IF POSSIBLE: if ground is dry enough, drive in the pasture. It's still winter and show season is a ways off, but if we can do a bit of dressage and cones here and there, that will be very helpful!
There's just no way that was going to happen this month. It's STILL sopping wet here! It has to dry out SOMETIME.... right??

P/Darby Goals:
1) Thoroughly groom 1x a week! And spoil! 
Success! I did find out this month that Darby REALLY doesn't like being taken out of her field away from her friends - I had always groomed her and trimmed her in her field before, but I took her out this month to make sure the mud got rinsed off of her. And she just freaked! With the mud and wearing blankets all the time, our priority has been more on taking care of feet and legs instead of thorough groomings. They stay pretty clean under their clothes!

Pax/Uma Goals:
1) Leading/grooming 1x a week!
Success! And now I have Lendri to work on too - she is getting friendlier, so I'm going to continue to let her come to me and check me out first before I start grabbing her and taking her out of the pen. She grooms and ties and leads pretty well, which are the basics anyway - it's just getting her comfortable with having her feet handled more, and not being so afraid of people.


Dylan December Goals:
1) Hacking out 1-2x a week!
2) Continue trailering to WD, 2-3x a week if possible!
3) Continue working on my own strength in the saddle!
4) Work on physical therapy for myself - need to help my back and my left leg!

O December Goals:
1) Fitness work - conditioning drive 4+ miles 1x week
2) If ground is dry enough - cones and dressage work in the pasture. Must be dry enough though!
3) Take another Ruthie lesson!
4) Plan out next show season's new outfit!

P/Darby Goals:
1) Thoroughly groom 1x a week! And spoil! 

Pax/Uma Goals:
1) Leading/grooming 1x a week!

Zuul December Goals:
1) Be able to touch all four legs
2) Continue with the usual grooming, blanketing, haltering
3) Work on leading!


There's a lot to do..... ready... set... go!!


  1. Great goals! You'll be busy! :)

  2. You definitely have a full schedule right now! It all sounds fun though. :-D Keep up the great work with all of them!