Monday, January 18, 2016

Slow Internet Makes For Bad Blogging

One of my New Year's resolutions was to blog more. I have clearly been falling behind in this, but it isn't entirly my fault. Out here in the bumpkinlands, we have satellite internet, which means that whenever the weather gets questionable, the internet goes kaput. There isn't much we can really do about it. We do still have our phones and pretty good service with them, and I can post stuff to Facebook/Instagram when I'm out and about, but actually sitting down and writing blog entries isn't really so doable. If you really get down to it, technically it's not that bad of a thing - after all, I do get a LOT more done at home when I'm not sitting around on my butt wasting time. My other problem is that I have SO MANY other things I need to be doing. I have a buttload of horses to be worked, I have daily paperwork that needs to be done, I have a house that needs to be cleaned. Today in particular, I have hay that needs to be picked up and I need to get ready to leave for California midweek. I even have my trailer hooked up and ready to go because I was planning on going to ride this morning at WD. Unfortunately, it is 25 degrees and blustery out, and I am a complete and total wimp. I have been running and running so far this month, and haven't had much time to just relax. 

Last week I was able to trailer Dylan out twice to WD, and hacked him once. I feel better every time I ride, and feel like I am sitting better too. I'm still sitting defensively, which I think is just a throwback from riding O, but my shoulders are much straighter even though I am still leaning forward a bit. That's the defensiveness kicking in - the leaning forward, the legs a bit too far forward. It's improving bit by bit. I also definitely feel strong enough now to be able to take some lessons without looking like a total fool or being so exhausted that I pass out fall off halfway through.

I am also seeing a new physical therapist for my bad calf, and I do think there has been some improvement in my flexibility. It's going to take a long time, but I think I may be able to regain enough freedom in the limb to be able to comfortably ride pain free. This is so huge! I had really thought I was done with serious riding for good - the pain was so intense every time I rode that I didn't think it was going to be possible anymore. Now, maybe I still have a chance! 

I've been alternating back and forth between the snaffle and the double bridle. On days when I don't feel so solid, I use the snaffle, and on days when I feel really good I use the double. The feel of the double is really a wonderful and complicated thing, especially with a horse who is already double trained and knows how to independently work from each rein. I think it is only fair that I am strong and solid in my riding when I use it though, so I am mindful of how I feel before I get on each day. 

Little by little, I improve. The better I ride, the better he goes. 

Half pass

1/2 pirouette - easy speed racer it's not a reining spin!

Another 1/2 pirouette - much better

Big pats for good boys

Dylan has been barefoot now for four months, and his feet have changed SO much. 

I haven't trimmed him at all, save for nipping off a small bit of flare on the fronts once. He works and moves a lot on his own time, and maintains himself very well. I prefer to do it this way if possible. It's unorthodox, but when it is doable, it is incredible to see the changes that take place over time. 

For those of you who are better about blogging than I am - who has suggestions for making time to actually sit down and write things out? How do you get EVERYTHING in your day accomplished? 


  1. Dang, he looks like fun. I'm also really excited to hear your PT has you improving. There's nothing worse than being young and thinking your body is already holding you back.

    I blog about once a week on Sunday afternoons - I queue up 3-4 longer posts, scattering in photos I took over the previous week. Since I aim for 5 posts a week, having 3-4 scheduled and written means I leave myself room for one or two that I sit down and bang out quickly during the week if I feel the need to recap a lesson right then and there or something.

    You have a different writing style from me, though, much more verbose. I can see it taking you longer to write than me just based on # of words alone. That said, DON'T CHANGE IT! I love the level of detail in your posts.

  2. Blogging varies from person to person and week to week. I try to get as much content queued up as possible (up to two weeks at a time) and then am flexible about changing dates as I have time to blog and interesting things happen during the week. Ideally, the content schedule allows me to have more time to think and write interesting posts (in 1-2 hour binges 1-2x a week). In practice, I usually then slack off and run out of content.

    You know. Human nature being what it is.

  3. I am one of those bloggers that has all but given up writing, but mainly that is because my subject is a pasture puff. It would be like just blogging about Darby!

    The thing is, you have a lot going on in your life besides just blogging... you have a lot of beasts you work with, yours and clients, and of course the house menagerie isn't small.

    If internet is what gets you down, you could write in Word and paste over when you do have internet, adding photos.

    You could also pick an O day, a Dylan Day, a Zuul (or mule) day, etc. That way you'd have at least weekly progress reports to look back on.

  4. Those feet, wow! I am shortly taking my mare back barefoot. After much soul searching she has been shod this summer and last following a three year struggle to deal with sole issues as she wasn't even comfortable barefoot in her paddock. Her feet now look awesome (my farrier is unconventional but talented) her ongoing issues with underrun heels and flaring will hopefully be manageable, I miss the no slip, sure footed springiness of her bare feet vs shoes. My Shetland, all 9:2 of her, is about to get boots to help with the carriage work she does on gravel roads...onwards and upwards

  5. I struggle a lot of the time too so I'm maybe not the best person to comment but I tend to constantly have a post that I'm working on. I do a lot of blogging on my phone so whenever I have a minute I can add some to my blog. I also tend to have a few written so that I can post them if I can't write something new.

  6. You may have run through your high-speed data allowance. I had satellite internet at my last place, and it was awful. The data allowance was ridiculously small and we ran through it in the first week or two of the month. After that, we were restricted to speeds slower than dial-up. 17k, if I recall correctly.

  7. Oh wow!!! His feet look amazing! A true testament to how important exercise is!

    I feel you on the slow internet, but I'm thankful mine isn't satellite. That would suck losing it every time the weather is bad, especially since that is the best time for blogging lol.

    Sorry no suggestions on finding time to blog. I've been doing horribly at that.