Friday, September 30, 2016

End of September Analysis; October Goals!

I have one main major goal for myself this month:

And I think this will be more achievable if I can figure out a better way to structure my posts. I only blogged 7 times in the past month. 7. That's an all time monthly low for 2016. 

I WANT to write more, but sometimes I find that I can't figure out how to structure posts - either they have little or no interesting information (i.e. I groomed the baby horse, again, measured her and she's the same size as last time, again), or having so much information to put into a post that I just can't figure out how to grapple with the thing, and then it never gets done at all. My memory is very poor, and part of the reason I want to blog with more regularity and detail is because I will forget. And this goes for things that happened a few days ago - I will forget. I always write down what I did in my daily calendar, just tiny notes like "WD, schooled 4-1, good changes" and the like, but it needs to be elaborated upon. 

If you have any suggestions on how to order this to make it a) reader friendly and b) writer friendly, please do share! I'll be thinking on it hard myself. 

Speaking of not blogging enough, I didn't do any September goals. See why this is a problem? Then I can't go back and recap and organize. Must be fixed!


O-Ren October:
1) Go on ponying hacks with Dylan 1x a week
2) Continue to be a big fat relaxing preggo momma horse!

Dylan October:
1) Attend Tarrin Warren working equitation clinic
2) Continue putting together 4th level and Intermediate (WE) level dressage tests
3) Compete in our first schooling WE show!
4) Work on fitness through walking - add extra 1/2hr-45mins of walking to every ride
5) Flesh out 2017 show calendar! This is largely already done but I'll have a blogpost on it!

Pangea October:
1) Continue using her as a pony horse for the babies
2) Go on some off property trail rides! It's finally autumn!

Pax October:
1) Be ponied off P regularly
2) Go for some off property trail rides with P!
3) Continue wearing a bit (and doing general handling/baby school stuff)

Lendri October:
1) Continue to do LOTS of long lining around the property and off the property a bit!
2) Order her a Comfy Fit harness (and fit for Zu too)
3) Hitch her again - I'd like to have her driving somewhat reliably by the end of October but we will see how it goes! 

Zu October:
1) Continue working on lunging without pulling - when he pulls he stops and turns himself around!
2) Go on more ponies with P
3) When we're not pulling - start long lining in the roundpen again
4) Wear a bit comfortably

Uma October:
1) Continue general handling 1x week (baby school)

Sriracha October:
1) Continue to learn about lunging (walk, trot, whoa) in the roundpen
2) Wearing a bit comfortably


Other Horsey Projects:
1) Finish up redoing carport/carriage barn
2) Paint and fix pony breaking cart
3) Plan out new shed for the front field


In addition to working all of them, I of course have all my clients and my daily chores to do. There are also other things happening this month, like:
My parents coming to visit
Clinic and show prep for Dylan
New tile being installed in the house, and a new window
HARAS CUP (going to spectate)
Spectating at Mini Worlds (which, I actually already did but it still counts as "this month")
Spectating at a miniature donkey/mule show (for reconnaissance purposes, also for sheer cuteness factor. I intend to show my mules at mule shows so I need to go figure them out!)
The State Fair is here omg corn dogs ohhhh goddd fried oreos ten million super fattening things to eattttt
And of course, the second best holiday of the year: HALLOWEEN!

October is decidedly my favorite month of the year, and it always has been. (March is a close second.) Autumn has always been my most beloved season, but in Texas it somehow takes on a different feeling - more like spring than anything else. Suddenly the weather is so nice and fresh and beautiful, and you can actually GO OUTSIDE again without feeling you want to just die. Summer in Texas is like winter everywhere else. There may be a TON of stuff going on but it's all the better because the weather is actually NICE finally!! 

Completely unrelated picture - a mini mule in heat and a confused zoodle who knows he is supposed to mount but not really sure why or what he is supposed to do up there


  1. Jealous that you'll be spectating Haras and can't wait for 2017 show plans!!!! 😁😁😁

  2. Autumn is my fave season too, everything about it is the best. My thoughts on blogging, write when you're inspired. I get bored of blogs where people post just post. I'd rather read one interesting post a week, it doesn't even have to be long, than filler content daily. The best blogs are people writing about what funny, interesting or inspirational to them! If they can do that daily, awesome! If it's more intermittent that's cool too!

  3. Sounds like October is going to be busy/awesome :)