Saturday, October 29, 2016

End of October Analysis; November Goals!

It's not *quite* the end of the month, but it's close enough that I decided to do my end-of-month analysis now!

I had one big goal for myself this month: blog more.
Did I do that? Well, no. Not really.
But, I'm not counting it as a total loss because I was out DOING more. That's a big enough thing for me that I feel like it kind of negates not blogging enough. That said, I will continue to try and write more, because I still feel like I am missing out on so many things that need to be said!

The fact that I went to my first clinic(s), first lesson, and first show with Dylan all in the same month.... well, that is completely satisfying.

One handsome zude!


O-Ren October:

1) Go on ponying hacks with Dylan 1x a week
Success! We didn't go every week but I would like to continue to do this regularly with her, and every week if possible.

2) Continue to be a big fat relaxing preggo momma horse!
Success! Not like this is too hard to do, but still. The hardest thing she had to deal with this month is standing for 15 minutes to get her feet done. And ponying, which is sort of a workout when you're waddling.

Dylan October:

1) Attend Tarrin Warren working equitation clinic
Success! And I did TWO clinics with her! We learned a ton of information and she really kicked my butt. It was a very good thing!

2) Continue putting together 4th level and Intermediate (WE) level dressage tests
Success! We can put together a decent Intermediate test and 4-1 is pretty easy. 4-2 and 4-3 are much harder but we are getting there!

3) Compete in our first schooling WE show!
Success! This to me was our biggest feat so far. It took me so long to finally get pain-free, and so long to feel like I was really riding halfway decently again. Getting back into the show ring for real... that was a huge thing. Once you break that ice, everything after it comes so much easier.

4) Work on fitness through walking - add extra 1/2hr-45mins of walking to every ride
Success! We have been doing additional 1/2hr walks to cool out after every ride. Dylan of course takes these way too seriously and it never actually cools him out because he is walking so damn fast, but it definitely adds to his fitness!

5) Flesh out 2017 show calendar! This is largely already done but I'll have a blogpost on it!
Haven't done a blogpost on it but I will!

The other big thing I did this month was finally get with my trainer of course. That was also a huge thing because I feel it will really take us to the next level, beyond where I am right now and beyond where I have ever been. I can't wait for more lessons!

Pangea October:

1) Continue using her as a pony horse for the babies
Success! She's a good sport, my old bat. She's still as much of a cow as she ever has been, but she dutifully drags the babies along anyway, even when they are acting stupid.

2) Go on some off property trail rides! It's finally autumn!
Didn't get to do this, but I was so busy this month with Dylan that I wasn't too worried about it. It was still very hot this month too, which didn't help.

Pax October:

1) Be ponied off P regularly
Success! We didn't do a tony of ponying this month but we did go explore some areas that we have never been to before, which was very scary for Pax. The more exposure she gets the better!

2) Go for some off property trail rides with P!
Didn't get to do this, but we will over the winter for sure!

3) Continue wearing a bit (and doing general handling/baby school stuff)
Success! She even wore a real bridle this month!

Lendri October:

1) Continue to do LOTS of long lining around the property and off the property a bit!
We got to do some long lining on and off property, but we didn't do nearly as much as I wanted. Just didn't have time, since I was so busy with Dylan!

2) Order her a Comfy Fit harness (and fit for Zu too)
Success! But it hasn't arrived yet in the mail! Hopefully it will get here this week!

3) Hitch her again - I'd like to have her driving somewhat reliably by the end of October but we will see how it goes! 
Didn't get to do this, but I did have a good reason - my training harness broke! Once we get the new harness in we can continue to do this!

Zu October:

1) Continue working on lunging without pulling - when he pulls he stops and turns himself around!
Success! I think this is just going to be a long process, and he is still very young. He's still learning not to pull and just leave when he doesn't feel like doing something, so this is just going to take a long time, probably 2-3 times longer than even the most difficult horse. Hybrids just kind of have to go at their own speed - I find that pushing a horse a little past their comfort zone sometimes helps them learn, but pushing a zorse past it just makes everything fall apart. If they don't get it, if they're not comfortable doing it... just forget it. So, it just takes extra time... lots of extra time.

2) Go on more ponies with P
Success! I think we will be doing a lot of that over the next year. It's such a great tool. He's so smart, and learning how to stay just where I want him, right by my leg. He likes to hustle forward and bite P on the shoulder, which is not acceptable.

3) When we're not pulling - start long lining in the roundpen again
We'll get to that when I feel that he is ready! Right now the more important thing is to go on ponies, be exposed to new things, and learn to be chill and calm in new situations. We went on a few handwalks through the neighborhood, which were... interesting. He wasn't ever terrible, but he was not really very good either. He has a lot of things to learn!

4) Wear a bit comfortably
Success! They all seem to like the little bit that I picked up for Lendri. We will continue to wear it as usual!

Uma October:

1) Continue general handling 1x week (baby school)
I actually didn't do much of anything with Uma this month, just groomed her a few times, which is all right. She's still a tiny baby after all!

Sriracha October:

1) Continue to learn about lunging (walk, trot, whoa) in the roundpen
We didn't get to do much this month, since I was so busy with Dylan - same story with all the littles.

2) Wearing a bit comfortably
Success! She seems to like the same bit that I've been using on Lendri, or at least well enough. I'm glad I picked it up!


Other Horsey Projects:

1) Finish up redoing carport/carriage barn
Success! It looks awesome. I graveled the entire carport and cleaned the entire thing out, and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. We even strung up party lights!

2) Paint and fix pony breaking cart
Success! I fixed the seat (poorly, I probably will have to redo it), put new seat covers on it, and repaired the entire thing to a most excellent purple!

3) Plan out new shed for the front field
This hasn't been accomplished yet but we are currently choosing which company we want to go with. I am hoping to have this done next month! I have a spot chosen and have decided to go with one with skids, in case it needs to be moved. The one in the top field is permanently installed but it really is in the best spot there. There are several different places the one in the front field could go, so I want the option to move it should I change my mind later.

Not pictures - snazzy new seat covers!

Before spreading the final bit!

Before we added load 2!
Complete with lazy pibble, and before I put all the carts and carriages back in



I also had a ton of other things I planned on doing this month, some of which did not get done:

Clients and daily chores as usual: check
My parents coming to visit: check
Clinic and show prep for Dylan: check
New tile being installed in the house, and a new window: didn't finish, because it has taken them two months to get back to us to schedule the tile, but they are finally coming mid-Nov AND we decided to just redo all the windows in the entire house instead of spend a ridiculous amount of money on just one pane on glass
HARAS CUP (going to spectate): didn't get to do... really disappointed that I didn't get to go spectate but that's just life, I did at least get to watch on the live stream
Spectating at Mini Worlds: check
Spectating at a miniature donkey/mule show: didn't get to do, because I had my dates wrong
The State Fair: didn't get to do, same as last year.... oh well
HALLOWEEN!: check, complete with lots of pumpkins and pumpkin flavored everything, haunted houses, Hocus Pocus and the Addams Family a million times, and beautiful fall weather

Overall it was an excellent month. As usual I never get everything done, but I also spend more time than I should just relaxing... admittedly I need it sometimes! I could probably get nearly all of it done if I didn't enjoy resting and laying in my hammock, but I think it's important to make sure I stay mentally sound as well as physically sound!


O-Ren November:
1) Go on ponying hacks with Dylan 1x a week
2) Continue to be a big fat relaxing preggo momma horse!

Dylan November:
1) Attend second WE show in Tyler!!!
2) Decide if I want to dip my toe into the circus of breed shows (there is an IALHA show going on with the WE show this month. I kind of don't, because it sounds sort of completely not fun, but I am considering it for the future. Most likely I will stick with just WE and dressage shows this year, and then consider breed show stuff later on in 2017/2018.)
3) Continue putting together 4th level and Intermediate (WE) level dressage tests
4) Increasing fitness work - more walk hacks added to each ride
5) Trailer out regularly to practice WE obstacles in addition to trailering out regularly for rides at WD
6) More lessons!!

Pangea November:
1) Continue using her as a pony horse for the babies
2) Go on some off property trail rides with Pax or Zoodle!

Pax November:
1) Be ponied off P regularly
2) Go for some off property trail rides with P!
3) Continue wearing a bridle and doing general handling/baby school stuff!

Lendri November:
1) Continue to do lots of long lining around the property and off the property a bit!
2) Once new harness comes in - start to hitch again and really drive!

Zu November:
1) Continue working on lunging without pulling - when he pulls he stops and turns himself around!
2) Ponies with P - on and possibly off property!
3) Toss him on the trailer whenever I take Dylan or anyone else off property! 
4) Wearing a bit comfortably

Uma November:
1) Continue general handling 1x week

Sriracha November:
1) More lunging work in the roundpen - walk and trot!
2) General handling to make sure she stays tame - she got slightly wild this past month when she wasn't handled enough! 



  1. You have had a very busy month! I don't know how you found time to blog at all.

  2. Ohhhhh breed shows 😂 maybe in 2017 I'll road trip down to TX to hang with you if you decide to jump in that pool of crazy haha.

  3. Ugh I'm so tired reading this...

  4. I love all your horses! I am so glad I found your blog. You definitely give me some inspiration!!