Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show Prep

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last whiny post. You guys had some good suggestions! I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my horses at home - I think I would literally give up vacations for the rest of my life if I had to, in order to keep the horses at home the way I like - but since I am a human after all and not a poop-picking robot I do like to get away once in awhile if I can. I have a few different plans I can pull from, and a few different people. Probably what I will do next year is barter out petsitting for trimming for one or two of my local clients who do some petsitting on the side. If Future Hubs is home he of course can watch the dogs and cats, but I do worry about leaving him with the horses. We've been together for over six years now and he still can't put on a halter. 
Most of the shows I'll be planning on attending are all weekend trips, so I will be gone for 2-3 days at a time. This isn't a huge deal, and I can probably continue to do what I have done in the past - leave the horses a ton of hay and tell FH to fill their water troughs every day, and make sure the horses are not dead. When we go for longer trips, or if he ever comes with me (like on vacation), that's when we'll call in the pet sitter(s).

But speaking of shows..... we have our first show THIS WEEKEND! It has been a long time coming. This time last year, I was convinced I would be showing in no time. My body had other ideas and it took an incredibly long time to really feel like I was stable and strong in the saddle again. I still feel like a weeble sometimes but I do think I am a much stronger rider now than I have been for some years. I think especially with the help of our new (and hopefully longterm) trainer that we will continue to improve.

This weekend is just a schooling working equitation show, so mostly this is just for practice and trying to figure out exactly how to get through one of these shows. Dabbling in a new sport is VERY  challenging, but since I seem to have been doing an awful lot of that in the past few years, it is not so daunting. We will have another lesson with Tarrin on Friday, and then the show will be on Saturday. We are showing Intermediate, which is a bit daunting but I think appropriate for the level we are at.

I'm a bit nervous, but not really. This really is just a learning experience, but it is a stepping stone towards a much bigger plan. The more experience we get, the more ambitious we can become. The really big stuff is coming next year.

And finally, we are just about ready.

Snaking O around the tree... not sure why they were going round and round the tree but they were!

If you want to be really inspired by some incredible riding, check out Claire Moucadel, who was at Haras Cup with her Andalusian this past weekend. Haras hosts an International division, and Claire came all the way from France to compete in and ultimately win the International division. This is an incredible speed round! (Sidenote: we will not be going this fast or looking this amazing this weekend.)


  1. that woman looks STUNNING! what an amazing round!

  2. I did not know such things existed! How is that scored? Post to explain that video and type of class would be awesome!

    1. What you are seeing is the Speed round which is a timed event and the fastest round without DQing wins. There is also a Dressage phase and an Ease of Handling phase. The Ease of Handling is a similar course ridden with finesse and attention to proper use of your horse (application of dressage principles to the obstacles), which is consequentially slower and more precise. The scoring scale for both the Dressage and EOH is judged on a 1 - 10 point scale, similar to regular dressage. Each obstacle has guidelines that stipulate the proper method of completing the obstacle and what the judge looks for. The Speed round is flat out fun. Check out WE United website for the rules.

  3. Yasssssss that video of Claire is everything 😍 I think you and Dylan will look equally as amazing, just at a moderately slower tempo 😉 can't wait to hear about the show!

  4. Wow! How does she remember that whole pattern, let alone go so fast, let alone do it one-handed?!?! That is so cool and looks like a lot of fun! Good luck at your show!

  5. That was such a fun video to watch - I am sure you and Dylan will SLAY!

  6. Well THAT video made me smile! Very cool :-)

  7. That was so cool!! I love how it's sort of more task based than dressage tests. Seems like something the horses might find really fun :)

  8. My friend attended this clinic in San Diego!

  9. Wow, that was an exciting video. So cool