Thursday, October 20, 2016

In Memory

We lost an amazing horse last week. Actually, we lost two - Cash, who I got to see regularly up here, and Brego, who I have been in love with ever since I first read Daun's blog all those years ago. Eight years ago, to be precise. Daun's blog was the blog that inspired me to start me own - I wanted to have one just like hers. Blogging was a bit simpler back then, less about contests and fancy graphics. It was about a good story, something to inspire people to get out there and try. I wanted to do the same, and so I started Eventing-A-Gogo. As I understand it, I inspired a few people to blog myself, and that makes me feel pretty happy.

Daun and I became friends when I lived up north, and I went to visit her farm on a few occasions to go foxhunting with them. I galloped Brego in the woods, catch-rode another horse in one hunt, and then rode Hobby in another while Daun rode Brego. I catch-rode Brego in the New England Hunter Trials as well, which stands out at one of the most fun things I ever did when I lived up there. Little compares to a gone-away at full speed on a Percheron. 

Then I moved to Texas, and everything changed when I lost my Gogo. But a little piece of New England and that period of time came back to me when I found out that Brego was moving to Austin to be with Jen. Jen and I had also become friends by this time, and I was so excited to be able to see him again. I got to go squeeze his big head again last November when I was in Austin for the No Laminitis conference, when I crashed at Jen's place for the weekend (and ate her veg, and had to talk myself out of stealing their amaaaazing coffee maker). I didn't know it would be the last time I would see him, but looking back, I'm so glad I got to see him again. After I left New England, I never thought I would. Seeing him again brought me back to a simpler time in my life, when the most important thing in the world was a good gallop and a few jumps out in the woods.

Go drop by Jen's blog if you haven't already to let her know you're thinking about her. And Daun too, if you know her. Brego had an enormous, far-reaching impact in the blogging world, and in my own life as well. Rest in peace my big hairy friend... there will never be another quite like you.