Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Photo Dump Time!

Since I didn't blog very much in November, but still was taking lots of pictures, I have a rather large amount of photos that need to be shared! Most of these are from Halloween on, but there are also a few from December that haven't been shared yet.

Goobermouth on a hot day

Gooberface on a muddy day

Gooberhead on a really REALLY cold day

Gooberfish today, after breaking his halter and getting another one! I just bought him a new leather halter after his year-old one finally broke, but he broke the new one in about three weeks.

Lendri looking cute in the new Comfy Fit harness

Lendri hitched for a second time! I still am not sure if she's ever going to really make a reliable driving mule but I will keep trying! I've had her exactly one year now!

Zoodle has a neck when he's not sure about something!

Zoodle eating the burn pile corn stalks that were decorative during the fall season

Am I the crazy zebra print lady now? I have them in mini through horse size...

New Comfy Fit harness!


Thanksgiving pumpins!

Making friends with Big Frank

We are still working on perfecting lunging quietly on a loose rope. He lunges but learning my way has definitely been difficult for him - unlearning what he knew and re-learning how to do it differently is hard for these guys


Cool little feet... he has never been trimmed since he came here, he keeps them so well

From the other day.... he was being perfect but the neighbor's collie showed up and it was clear that there was no more learning to be had

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing
B2 made it into a Prisma

She was such a pretty baby... what happened D:

She is going to have a nice tail anyway... if she stops rubbing the top!

Doesn't care about anything, really


How did she end up with so much hair!
Scored several blankets for super cheap.... because she has no hair! She is in a 72" now so she got a lot longer over the year but not much taller

Gravity has not been kind to old Pmare

In heat, in November. Not the best time mare!

She'll be 21 in the spring. Looks pretty good! She's still on baby dragging duty but mostly all she has to do is sit around and eat food, which she approves of

Glam shots with Uma

Sriracha telling Frank to GO AWAY the day after he arrived. They're all getting on well now!

Boop! Donkey star, horse star!

This picture. 

O's magnificent winter coat.... it's.... uh.... shiny?

Versus Frank, who is THICK

Old Frank hanging out in the yard with his buds

Her belly no longer fits inside her blanket lol

Trying to sneak up and eat Dylan's food. He'll let her eat out of his bucket like the chivalrous gentleman that he is, so I have to watch her or tie her!

Riding the Franker for his first solo ride probably in his life.... he did well all things considered!



  1. Mare maternity blankets, you should patent some...

  2. Lol I love that prisma pic. Amazing indeed

  3. Love all these photos! And Pax is stunning, whaddaya mean "what happened?", she's a gorgeous baby lady! Loving Big Frank, every time I see your mooles I just want to rumple up their thick floof and smoosh them all in big hugs. <3

  4. Frank is the cutest thing ever!