Sunday, January 29, 2017

Day 303

O has crossed over the coveted day 300 mark! Her next milestone is day 320 - once she reaches that, her baby will be considered safely full term, and can come anytime. Before 320 is considered premature. Every day that passes as we get closer to 320 is a good day. 

At the end of this week, she will receive the last of her pre-foaling vaccines. Since these guys have had clean fecals and were dewormed not long ago, I won't be deworming her again until the day she foals. Other than that, she is acting the same, eating well, and being her usual self. All of this is great... normal and boring is exactly what we want. 

I have all of my foaling supplies ready. All I need is to make sure I have fresh towels available! I have milk strips ready to go as well, but we don't have any fluid to test yet. Her udders have been changing, and were getting quite big, but they have gone down in the past few days. 

She has REALLY gotten bigger in a month's time as well!

Dec 20th

Jan 28th

I do hope she holds out until March.... February in Texas is usually mild, but sometimes we still get a freeze here and there. 

Interestingly: two years ago today I was writing about P being approximately 70 days away from her due date. I also wrote about P's day 303 as well! She was just as huge as O. 

What do you think we will get? A colt or a filly? And what base color? It will end up grey but it will be born either chestnut or black! With my luck... I'm assuming another chestnut filly. 


  1. Baby baby baby baby baby!!!!! 😍 Black going grey is one of the most fun (to me) visually in terms of dappling with age, so I hope you get black. And I have colt vibes, dunno why 😁

  2. She is huge!!! I will guess born a chestnut colt!

  3. Black colt is my guess. She is enormous!

  4. So exciting! I still have so much longer to wait...

  5. She's so freakin huge!!! I'm kinda feeling chestnut filly vibes too, but maybe thats just the aura you put off LOL.

  6. I want to say black colt, but my guess is black filly to keep up with the mare madness.

  7. Holy, I've seen 20 y/o broodmares look less ready to pop! Hope she holds out till 320 for you