Monday, January 2, 2017

New Years Day Shenanigans

As is now a New Year's tradition, B2 came over yesterday to play ponies and enjoy the weather. R came too, and somehow we convinced him that he should go with us on our trail ride. All of my adult horses are great on the trail, so we had three available (and if we ever need a fourth, O is also great on the trail!). B2 rode Pmare, I rode Dylan, and R rode Big Frank, who has now solidly earned his husband-safe status. Future Hubs has been nervous about getting on him, because Frank was a little big of a goober when I rode him out alone for the first time, but in company he's completely perfect. He literally did nothing wrong the entire ride, even when the two horses spooked at something in the woods. 

R is not wearing a helmet in these pictures, because we tried to jam one of my helmets onto his giant noggin and couldn't manage it. We will have to get him one of his own. 

Pmare looks pretty good for almost 21!

Wild Stallion!

Pmare looks good but that neck.... we'll never get a decent topline on her again. Ohhhh well!

Come on Big Frank! Frank's favorite speed is plod. 

Dylan says, I would really like a piece of that booty

We had a great ride - we went about 4-5 miles or so, but not further seeing as the oldies aren't in great shape and neither are all that sound. They're plenty sound for easy trail rides, but not for anything beyond that. If we are going to be riding them more than on periodic easy trails, they'll both need to go on a more intensive joint supplement. I think that easy trails are good for these arthritic guys though - movement really helps their stiffness. P in particular really seems to enjoy going out on the trail - she walks along with her ears pricked the whole time. Dylan thought this was very sexy, and spent the entire trail ride waiting for me to stop paying attention so he could sidle closer and talk to her. Naughty boy...

Big Frank won the gold star of the day, just plodding along with R (who does not know how to ride). He must have been a quarter of a mile behind us at one point, and showed no concern whatever. We had R turn around long before we ever turned around, to give him a head start, and Frank had no problem leaving us behind. He stopped once or twice and stood there, but R told him to walk on and he did. Slow and easy and he didn't put a foot wrong. What a good egg he is. I bet he was really special when he was younger. 

When we got back to the house, I put B2 up on Dylan to go for a quick spin. He was super for her, doing everything she asked and doing it quietly. She raved about how much fun he is, and how super cool he is. Can't say that I disagree - how many upper level stallions can go you on a trail ride with, and then ride in the pasture with a loose mare?

He doesn't care. Or well, he does care, but he's too well behaved to act on it

Today I worked all day, but had enough time at the end of it to pull O out and give her a trim and a good grooming. She also got her final Prodigy shot, as she is now 9 months pregnant. She is HUGENORMOUS and she still has two months to go! As a maiden, I have no idea what she will trend towards, so basically from now on out I'll be keeping a eagle eye on her. She gets her final set of shots in early February, and then the countdown begins. As long as she holds on until February 14th, we'll have passed the coveted 320 day mark. She is already building a bag as of two days ago - she better cross her legs and hold on.


  1. Awww big Frank!! And Dylan 😍 I love all of your horses. What a fun new years tradition! And I can't wait to see O's baby 😍

  2. That is one ginormous mare...

  3. It was the best time... You forgot to mention that R was poke hunting on Big Frank. Totally safe old man.

  4. I know it needs a little more cooking, but I cannot WAIT for that baby!!!

  5. Wow, she's huge!! I can't wait to see the baby :)