Friday, January 6, 2017


The first week of the new year has started off with a bang. I've been powering through my days getting tons of stuff done. Aside from working literally every day, I've also been steaming through my year end bookkeeping, cleaning my house and putting away (most) of my decorations, paying bills, and ordering supplies (for business as well as supplements and FOALING SUPPLIES YES). I also dropped my trailer off for it's yearly servicing. Without it, I'm stuck at home, which is fine but it also limits me until I get it back. Considering that I've been working from dawn until dusk anyway, and I have no way to work anyone here in the dark, it has been a good time to get important indoors-only type stuff done. 

Today was one of the coldest days so far. The wind chill this morning was only 3 degrees. I worked all morning, and got home around noon after my afternoon clients rescheduled for next week (when it will be almost 80 again). It was a good thing they decided to reschedule... shortly after I got home it started snowing. Snow in Texas happens about once a year, but it's always pretty fun when it does. The horses LOVE to play in it, especially old Pmare who always gets reminded of her youth in Canada. 

Before snow.... O has been sleeping a LOT lately

It was solidly snowing by this time but O refused to get up, so Dylan wouldn't leave her

Sriracha and Zoodle going nuts!

That's quite a snowstorm for Texas

Pmare was INTO IT! She only plays like this in the snow! 

I don't know which is more fun.... seeing the babies playing in the snow because they don't know what it is, or seeing Pmare play in the snow because she DOES know what it is

Frank and Zoodle

As of right now the snow is still on the ground. It will melt by tomorrow but it was fun while it lasted! I could watch my goons play in the snow for hours. 


  1. Cute! I had no idea it even snowed at all in Texas.

    1. I used to live in the Texas panhandle and we would get some 12-18in snow storms every year. It definitely snows in Texas.

  2. Haha I love the pics of everyone playing!

  3. You guys have the weirdest weather!

  4. I'm sleeping more too these days O...#preggoproblems

  5. What cool pictures! I can't imagine dealing with those weather springs though.