Monday, November 25, 2013

Pay It Forward

(For those of you asking about Immy & Pmare, I'll hopefully get an update to share soon :) I haven't heard from the lessee all month! Immy has definitely found herself a permanent and loving companion-only home there, which is just awesome and I am so happy for her. It was absolutely the greatest thing I could have done, pulling her out of the situation she was in and getting her into the new situation. She'll never really be a reliable riding horse, but she'll be happy and cared for indefinitely - and I get her back if anything does change. I do want old Pmare to come home to me at some point too, as she is my last link to Metro, even though her lessee adores her and wants her to stay. I have a breeding to a very nice Oldenburg that I had planned for her last year, but never ended up doing.... the breeding is still good for this year, but not sure if I am going to do it or not as I'm not sure that she will be home. I could also breed one of the ladies I have now! The breeding expires in 2014, so either I forfeit it or use it. It was purchased under special sale terms so it can't be sold.... so we'll see what happens and who - if anybody - gets it. His offspring out of any mare are all stunning and typey either way! Scores and scores of Gold Premiums. Love that.) 

I've done a lot of satisfying things this year. One of the best things that I've been involved in has been a sort of unspoken pay-it-forward pact, helping out others who need some stuff. It all started when my longtime friend Kat heard me complaining about needing a neckstrap for O, and she sent me her really nice one, just because she thought I could use it. A few months later,  her mare needed some hoof boots, so I sent her an extra pair of Cavallos that I had. Not long after that, Funder listened to me talk about how badly I wanted a helmet cam, so she sent me hers, as long as I promised to make a lot of videos doing ridiculous things. (The weather has been too wet and crappy to make any videos yet booooo!) Later, she sent me some Really Awesome endurance stirrups, since my nasty western ones were making my ankles and feet hurt. Going through my stuff, I found a nice wicking cooler for Dixie to send to her in thanks. Friend and client M listened to me go on about my hackamore dilemmas, and exchanged her really excellent hackamore to me for a trim. Friend and client Becky also offered to give me her amazing fleecey-butt saver for my rock-hard saddle. The worst of it: Niamh had her tack room broken into last night and had everything stolen, saddle and all. I'm going to send her some things - bridle, boots, pads, whatever I have that can be useful. If you have anything that you can spare to send her, you should!
Edited to add, because how could I have forgotten!!: Bif and Davsgirl both sent me bits earlier in the year, a Mylar twist and a slow twist full cheeck, both of which were GREAT for getting some responsiveness and brakes installed. I can't thank you guys enough!!!

It has been really, really nice, and really inspiring to do these things, no matter how small. I hope next year to keep it up, and get more people involved. The only requirements to this are just to not abuse it - if you need something, ask for it, and if you have something that somebody else needs, send it if you can spare it. If people like the idea, I'm more than happy to put up a page with people's needs - you can put up what you want/need, and people can come look around and see if they have anything they can spare, or that they can offer in trade. It connects us in a tangible, physical way, even if we've never met each other, and that's my favorite part about it. There are a lot of bad people in this world, but there are just as many good and selfless people who are willing to lend a hand whenever they can, sometimes to total strangers. 

What have you done this year to help those around you? What will you do next year?


  1. (Which reminds me, have you had a chance to try the myler twist snaffle on O?)

    1. Oh Bif!!! I can't believe I forgot to add that to my list!!! I have and it was great - I've been riding her in a snaffle and hackamore so much that I haven't needed it lately!!

    2. I know you were thinking of it for cross country, so wasn't sure if you'd had an opportunity.

    3. I'll have to break it out for more XC, I've been jumping her just in the snaffle lately because she's been so darn good!

  2. I had no idea you had purchased a breeding!! I hope you get to use it. It would be a shame for it to get forfeited. I'm happy Immy has found a great companion home. That is what I'm trying to find for my Percheron Faran. He will never be a riding horse, but I can't find anyone who will give him a home and not take him to slaughter as soon as I turn my back. I love your pay it forward idea. I don't really have anything to share and the only things I need are expensive (like a dressage saddle lol) or a home for Faran. :) It's a great idea though!

  3. Awwww, thanks for this Andrea. You know I too, strongly believe in paying it forward... I'm going to make an updated list of things we still need today. We got to the barn yesterday to do a full inventory only to realize lots of other things were gone too! Sad face.

  4. I love your new photos on the sidebar with your "craigslist finds." Cool on the breeding. I definitely think you should use it!

  5. I also love the pay it forward idea! I have all kinds of stuff that I would love to share to a good home rather than try to sell.

    Immy and Tre look great and I am SOOOOO jealous of even your awful weather. It was 7 degrees and windy tonight when I went to ride my girl.

  6. ) Thank you - I'm happy the snaffle has worked out for you! I've learned so much from your blogs, so consider it a thank you for sharing your knowledge - and my previously shod but now barefooted red horse thanks you as well! :)

    I think it's a great idea to start a list/group/what-have-you. I'd be happy to add as well as request...I have doubles and triples of everything! And - my beloved Crosby Hunterdon was stolen a few months ago - it was the first saddle I'd ever bought, 18 years ago, and it was only used for shows [before I broke my back - no showing since], so it was in nearly brand new shattered my heart when I saw it missing - the sentimental value is worth more than the saddle itself! Of course I don't expect to find one in that same condition, and I'd never expect someone to give me one, but if someone could give me a heads up if they find one for sale, I'd consider that a pay it forward!

    Oh wow - long post, sorry! :)