Thursday, November 21, 2013

Stupid Fat Knees!

Bahhh. Well, the Wacky Waco Wide is in 11 days and I haven't sent in my entry yet. O's knees and leg are still swollen. She is the queen of sensitive skin and whenever she gets a lump or bump, it tends to stay for extended periods of time. She is sound and fine, but I just don't like where the swelling is, especially on the left knee - it is right above the knee, but gravity has pulled some of it down and there is a small bubble of fluid right over the knee now. It's just a little bruising and swelling, but still. The mare is SO cool and has SUCH crooked legs that I am having a hard time trying to justify pushing for the ride. She's sound and fine, but I haven't been on her since the show this weekend and expect that she probably needs another few days off. When I see her today I'll know for sure. Bahhhh.

Basically I cam break it down like this:

Reasons Not To Enter:
1) Not enough saddle time = feeling a bit unprepared. Will she be ready?
2) Will swelling be gone in time?
3) A cold front is coming in and it's about to get REALLY rainy and crappy and cold for the next entire week - saddle time may get limited then too

Reasons To Enter:
1) I can always scratch!
2) First ride of 2014 season = important miles!
3) This is the closest ride to me in all of our Area, so it's actually doable when I am otherwise stuck at home watching the animals

Hmmm. What would you do? I can always send in my entry and then pull out if I feel unprepared. Maybe I will do that.

O, Y U have such crooked legs!?


  1. If you can get your money back, send it in! If you're concerned about mileage, just take it a little slower and see how she does. She sounds and looks insanely fit from everything you've posted, so I'm sure she'll do just fine! I hope those legs get better in time for the ride! Sending positive vibes.....

  2. Send in the entry, scratch later if you need to! O is super fit and if you can't ride this week due to weather, that's actually ideal. You don't want to ride them hard, if at all, the week before a distance ride. She has plenty of mileage and conditioning; a short break before the ride will be perfect!

  3. I agree, if they give refunds, send it in!

  4. Waco! I'm there this weekend showing. You should stop by the Events center and bring a horse or two ;)

  5. I'm with the others. :) If you can scratch and not lose money go ahead an enter, that way both options are available. I hope her legs get better in time and I hope the crappy weather doesn't stick around for a whole week. Ick!

  6. Waco! I went to college there :)