Sunday, December 22, 2013

Opening the Pipes

With all the stress and chaos of the holidays, I haven't really had much time to ride this week. I am leaving for Florida tomorrow for the holiday, so today I made sure to make some time to get on the red beast. 

Today's Workout!
(Minus 15 minutes of me milling around down by the barn after the ride before I realized the GPS was still on....) 

Sometimes, you just got get on and open up the pipes. It felt good to Haul Ass down the side of the road and forget about all of the stress of the season for a few minutes. My GPS clocked her at 30mph and she was in no way maxed out. 

Not looking forward to a whole week without saddle time... not looking forward to it at all. 

(The candy cane did in fact pass inspection. Once she had taken a bite, she decided that she LOVED them.)

Last but not least: if you haven't already, go help Stacey out by donating to Wes' fund!!


  1. A good gallop is always the best kind of de-stressing! I'm glad you got a good ride in.

    Goose wouldn't wat any candy cane. Boring. Good thing O found she liked them after she tried it! I guess you can always stock up on them for her when they all go on sale after Christmas!

  2. Ahhh I had such a big grin watching that video, I can imagine and feel how exhilarating that would have felt for you both! Give all your girls a big smooch from me for Christmas, I hope you all have a fantastic few days and that you enjoy your Florida holiday and take some well-earned relaxation. There'll be plenty of saddle time waiting impatiently for you and pawing the ground to get going when you get back! xx

  3. I am way behind on blogs again, but I'm trying to get caught back up. I LOVE that video! I miss galloping so much!