Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Easy December, just settle down....

I had big plans for December. Big plans about how it would all be awesome and there would be so much riding and fun and Christmassy goodness and nothing would go wrong because it's CHRISTMAS! 

So far that has entirely gone down the toilet. We're only 3 days in, it has to get better right?

December 1: many clients, much business. Tre got lunged but that's all I had time for, I couldn't even squeeze in a hack with O. So much for that.

December 2: S pulls O out to feed her in the morning and calls me with the news that O has been attacked by the neighbor's dog. WHAT. The dog has lately taken to chasing my mares rather incessantly, which is really not ok. Tre doesn't put up with it and turns and chases the dog out, but O is nice to the dog and just sort of runs away with the dog is being aggressive. It's just a hind leg that is fat and has big raking teeth marks on both sides of the leg - looks like the dog got one grab in and that was it. We can't really prove that it was the dog that did it - who knows, it could have been something else? - but it's a pretty good guess. 

She'll be fine, but still. Kind of would like a break from the neverending scrapes/bumps/lumps/rubs/everything for once! 
I decided to just not even think about riding since I was all riled up, and decided to take the dogs out for a good long walk and romp in a local park. We drove out there, I walked them out to the lake, and we all went diving off trail to go get down to the water's edge. We splashed and played and enjoyed our very nice 70-degree day, and then as it was getting dark we all headed back. It was then that I realized my keys were no longer in my pocket. Desperately I searched for them, trying as hard as I could to retrace my steps, but I had been off trail so much that I had no way of finding where I had been. It was dark at that point, so we just had to give up entirely. No truck keys, no home key, no trailer keys, no nothing. No way to get home. Future Hubs came to the rescue and called a tow truck, and we had the truck towed to the local dealership so they could break into it and program me a new key. It HAD to be one of those special magnetic keys that costs $150 to replace... I have spares to get into the vehicle, but not to start it, and what use was it anyway if I was miles away from home? The nice tow truck man let all three stinky muddy wet dogs ride in the cab with us back home. 

December 3: Here I am, stuck at home, waiting for them to program a new key. I had to reschedule all my clients for the day, and can't get to the barn to ride either. I can't go anywhere at all!

So much for jumpstarting my December!


  1. Eee, I hope your luck gets better soon!

  2. I would be PISSED if the neighbor's dog was chasing my horse. Especially if it BIT my horse.

  3. Oh no!!! Not a good way to start the month :-( That is really scary if the dog attacked your horse. Hopefully something can be done before another horse gets more hurt.

    Sending good vibes for your month to improve.

  4. Oh goodness.. sounds like December jump-started you. I would be REALLY pissed about that dog attack, and prove it or not I'd be warning those neighbours you're damn sure this is what's happened. Whether they bite or not they shouldn't be on your property! Jerks.

  5. Yikes! What a horrible start to the month... I sure hope things level out.

    Your story of the dog makes me livid: I had that happen to my horse by some old barn dogs (yes genius idea to have Heelers as barn dogs! X_X). Everyone at the barn was in denial that the situation had been escalating and MY horse was the target (because he was spirited and would avoid the dogs). It nearly broke me when I found him with marshmellow-like puffed bloody hind legs one day when I drove up. He's tough and to see him scared, attacked rather than being the attacker lit a fire in me. I nearly killed the dog with my bare hands shortly after when I found her chasing him again a month later. He managed to kill the other dog with a good kick to the head. Everyone was in denial about that too and totally uncomfortable with my happiness that he'd gotten rid of atleast one of his antagonists. I used to love those dogs... but if it's between an attacking carnivore and my boy? He wins. I'll do what it takes to protect him.
    BTW according to our state law (dunno about TX) you can shoot any animal on your property that's threatening you or your animals... I understand if that's not your thing, but in my experience dogs chasing and attacking horses tends to escalate unless someone steps in.

  6. Oh wow that sucks! Every bit of it. :( I hope O heals quickly. Poor girl. I'll keep my fingers crossed that December turns around for you. Hang in there.