Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dylan End of October Analysis; November Goals!

Happy Halloween!!!!

Is it the end of October already? What happened?
I feel as though my goals for October were mostly on. I didn't get everything done quite to the massive extent that I was really hoping, but I did take a pretty good stab at everything on the list. I realize that basically all of my problems stem from my inherit laziness.... I am LAZY. I love sitting around, lounging, napping, and generally taking my time doing everything. My current workload is heavy but still allows for a bit of leisure time most every day, if I plan it well, as well as a few days a week off (not every week, but most of the time it works out this way). As I never used to have any time for anything when I was a bit younger and more ambitious, I have taken full advantage of this - but am feeling like maybe I take it too far. I am very, very active first time in the morning, and then don't have any interest in doing anything in the afternoon. I need to remember this when scheduling my days - scheduling ride time first thing in the morning is always a good thing. Alternatively, I don't do very well when pressed for time - so scheduling work in the late morning or afternoon doesn't always mean I get a good ride in during the morning, as sometimes I feel too pushed for time to get it done. My best bets are usually to pile my workdays full of work and not ride or drive on those days (or just hack at the end of the day), and then use my days off to take my sweet time about everything. I do great with a structured schedule, less so with optional things, and just terrible with many things crammed into one go. As long as I know these things about myself, I can optimize the way I schedule and operate.

Rare moment of holding still long enough to take a picture


Dylan October Goals:

1) Continue gaining weight and muscle and be a happy healthy feral beast outside!
Success! This month, a few weeks ago, Dylan went through another fencewalking period, shortly after he got his teeth done. I suspected that his guts weren't totally in order, and made some alterations to his diet. I saw immediate improvement - in fact, he is even better now than he was before. He has not been walking at all, and he has not been getting worried or upset when the mares go away up the hill like he was before. It helps that we are now entering that time of the year when hormones quiet down (although, don't tell O, because she is still in flaming heat right now...). I think Dylan quite enjoys being a feral outdoor beast - he lounges under the trees, struts about his kingdom, goes for a good gallop when he feels like it, rolls a million times in the dirt every day, takes his daily naps in his sandpile, and munches hay at his leisure all day. It's a pretty fair life!

2) Get his teeth checked/done
Success! His incisors were super long and he was slightly overfloated in the back - typical stuff. My dentist is great and did a good job with everyone, just like she did last year. Dylan feels quite the same under saddle after his dental work, but given all of his funny little quirks with his head/ears/mouth/bit/etc, I think it's important to keep on top of all these issues.

3) Start trailering to WD - 2x a week if possible!
I did quite well with this - while I didn't get to go this week, I did get to at least go once every week, and one week I went three times. I hope to be more consistent this month - i.e. not go three times one week and only once the next - but it will depend on many things. I have a friend coming into town for a week, and will also be out of town for the No Lamintis conference for several days, which will alter this schedule significantly, but I will do my best. I am shooting for the end of January for our first show!

4) In addition to working at home, hacking out - 1x a week in gradually increasing amounts
Success! I've been out at least once a week every week. I've been doing the same two mile loop every time, but in varying ways, and sometimes loop back on the route a few times to change things up. Dylan is a good boy to hack out, but he does tend to get a bit jiggy and rushy on the way home, so I have taken to putting his usual bridle on instead of his nice bitless one - if he gets rushed and jiggy, he has to work.

5) Start looking over the show schedule and making tentative plans
Success! I need to continue fine tuning this and making a schedule according to it, not to mention figure out which organizations I need to renew memberships on, but I do know our first tentative show will be in January. It's not that far away when I think about it....!


Dylan October Goals:
1) Continue hacking out 1-2x a week!
2) Continue trailering to WD, 2-3x a week if possible
3) Continue working on my own strength in the saddle!
4) Contact the local trainer of my choice - ask about upcoming lessons! 
5) Continue working on the show schedule, which memberships I need to renew, get a calendar together, and plan which things I will need to replace


Oh man.... the crust.... oh the crust! He looks quite pleased with himself...
Lucky Braids shampoo gets the horrible red mud out at least!

I have another post with the mare goals up shortly.... and the big news for O! I am going to make an effort to write a blogpost at least every other day in November. I may not succeed, but I have not been great with blogging anything in great detail lately. I want to make sure things get documented properly!


  1. Dylan is so gorgeous!! I can't believe how white his tail is. Maybe I need to try Lucky Braids shampoo... never heard of it.

    I have a lazy streak too. I can't do anything on work days because I work ten hours a day (the rest of the day is spent cleaning, taking care of critters, cooking, eating, showering, prepping for the next day, sleeping), but on my days off... I normally have plenty of time, but I just am so tired I can't get motivated to do anything especially once I've spent the majority of the day doing something like help build my new barn. These last two weekends of rain have been the best excuse for doing nothing haha.

    I'm excited you'll be blogging more. It's important to record everything with Pax and Uma because they grow up so fast. I can't believe Chrome is six now!

    Looking forward to the exciting news (I think I saw a sneak peek on IG or FB, but looking forward to details).

    Also when will show pictures be available?? I'm so excited about them!

  2. ooh exciting about lessons with Dylan - he just seems like the coolest horse. curious about the news for O too!

  3. I can also be really lazy. Just like to mosey and take my time... stop and sniff the roses so to speak :)