Monday, October 12, 2015

Pax - 5.5 Months

Pax is now 5.5 months old. She will be 6 months old on the 23rd... where does time go?

She is still a bit awkward right now but she has definitely 'prettied' out a bit since Approvals. Her color is much better now too - more liver-y than it was. Hard to say if she's a true liver but compared to my other chestnuts, she is DARK. She is getting darker every day. 

The prettiest face on my property

She definitely inherited the DDM head/face. She looks like all of those babies. Beautiful, beautiful face and eye. She did get the family radar ears though... you could signal NASA with those things.

Kind of amazing what this silly looking little redhead turned into. 

I sticked her today and she is now 12.3hh at the withers. She is slightly taller behind, but not much - the only time she was really butt high was right before Approvals (naturally of course). I also measured and bought a winter blankie for her - our local tack store was having a sale on all of their tiny blankets and giant blankets. I found this super nice waterproof turnout for only $20! It's a 62" and it only just fits. I will probably need to get another one before this sale ends, so I can make sure she has something to grow into. I want her metabolism and haircoat to be good and functional and tough, so I don't plan on blanketing much unless I need to, but we are supposedly in for a horrible, icy, miserable, wet winter, and even though they have a shed I don't think she can make it through a winter without clothes, even if we are pretty mild down here compared to the north. I won't be running out and throwing blankets on her every time it dips into the 50's though.

I know I *said* she was technically for sale, but of course, now that I've put that out in the universe I don't really want to. I'm sure I will fluctuate back and forth with this for awhile until I settle on a final decision - and if I breed a few more babes I will need to make choices, because I'd be broke if I kept them *all*. If I was a bazillionaire who could hire staff to help with my five zillion horses, that would be one thing, but alas, I have not won the lottery just yet.

She's been going for little walks down the road with me. She is quite happy to do this - always strides out boldly - but she still has a tendency to explode and rear and leap whenever something spooks her. She is just a tot, so she will chill out over time as she gains more life experience, but it is rather exciting when one of the dogs jumps out of the underbrush and suddenly I have a galloping, rearing filly at the end of my lead line. I want to start ponying her off of O, but I think she needs to mentally grow up a little more before we try that - she still likes to rear and climb all over the other mares, so I quite imagine she will do the same when out for walks.

I still have hope that she will stay about O's size... maybe I'll get lucky!

Uma gives O a smooooooooch. It's amazing how gentle the bigger horses are with the tiny one - they are all very well socialized and they are careful not to ever bump her, step on her when she sleeps, or hurt her in any way. They will nip her and move her out of the way if she is being sassy though!


  1. Ih my gosh she's amazingly adorable! So tough to believe that her blanket is only slightly smaller than Katai's!

  2. What a beautiful face! And she's huuuuge!

  3. Pax looks great! I've really enjoyed seeing how she's maturing. It makes me want to breed Gina to DDM!

  4. What a beauty! Any videos of how she moves?

  5. What will be will be, in terms of selling. In the mean time, she seems to be the type you like--small, red, and HAWT. :D

  6. She is pretty refined!
    That photo of Uma and O is SO cute.

  7. Hahahahaha my (not so little I thought?) Arab wears a 62" blanket :).

    I love how ironic horses are. Of course she prettied up after her inspection...

  8. She is such a fancy little thing, especially that head. I just want to snuggle Uma!

  9. She really is a pretty filly -- loving her color but then I love liver chestnuts. ♥♥

  10. She is so cute!! If it helps she's only half an inch taller than Chrome was at the age and he ended up 15.2hh so there's always the possibility she will be O sized hehe. :D

    I love the photo of Uma kisses.