Friday, December 18, 2015

Halter Time

Zuul learns to halter:

Sorry you get to look at my giant butt in that video. Apparently I didn't think about the fact that wearing saggy clothes + pointing my camera right at my ass = not terribly flattering. And I don't mean Zuul when I mean my ass.

He did less well yesterday than he did two days ago, but did better again today. Yesterday, I think I just moved a little too fast into the lesson, trying to pick up right where I was the day before... he didn't want to have anything to do with that, and scooted off. I got the cold shoulder for a little while, and then he let me put the halter on - but he wasn't really into it. Today he was better - he approached me and we interacted for awhile, and then I approached him. He stood still and let me walk up to him, though he gave me the strong side-eye, and while he was a little nervous he did stand still and let me put the halter on. Once it was on, we moved around the pen, him following me of his own volition. I definitely feel like today ended on a much better note than yesterday did, though I can't say he was *quite* as amiable as he was two days ago. He is still HIGHLY suspicious of my motives - so I am careful not to give him any reason to be concerned. But the fact that he let me walk up to him today and he stayed where he was - that's a big deal.

This is tedious, where are the snacks


  1. First off, the name Zuul is absolutely 100% perfect. Second, I really enjoyed watching this interaction. It appears so "boring" and simple, and yet clear communication with Zonk and human. I love how you waited for him to come to you. He is just too damn cute.

  2. His ears are so expressive, he's a cutie. Great video it was fun watching your process!

  3. Good boy!! It's very easy to move too quickly. Working with longears is very different. :-)