Monday, July 1, 2013


This past weekend was the Groton House H.T. up in Massachusetts. Those of you who have been reading from waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day will remember when Gogo and I showed there in 2009. It was the crowning achievement of that season: with two blue ribbons under our belts from our first two events that year already (King Oak and Mystic Valley), we went into the biggest and baddest event of our area feeling ready but totally nervous. It was THE most fun weekend of the entire summer... I'll leave you with some of the entries I wrote, staring with a few on show prep and ending with the show itself!

That mare was something else. Really and truly. I think about her every day and miss her terribly, all the time. I rarely swing my leg over any horse that I get on and don't wish that it could be her.  She was one in a million, and there will never be another like her. She was everything to me. 

I really can't believe this happened FOUR years ago. Where has the time gone?


  1. I feel how you do about Gogo for my mare now. They are the air we breath and the blood that runs through our veins

  2. Oh wow .... I remember you and Gogol four years ago.And yes she was a special. Lovely memories for you!

  3. What a stunner!

    I can't believe I've been procrastinating at working and reading about your adventures for 4 years! (oops) :)