Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Clipmasta Strikes Again

I've had a lot of weird nicknames over the years. The two horsey nicknames that I've held onto have their roots in purpose and, if I do say so myself, a little bit of talent. Depending on which day you catch me on, you might be able to call me either Tailmasta or Clipmasta. It all depends on what I'm working on that day.

Tailmasta makes tails of any shape and size into EPIC SILKY MASTERPIECES. 

Let's be real. That tail is perfect. 

Clipmasta, on the other hand, is the perfectionist queen of making All The Lines straight as arrows.

Let's be real. Those lines are awesome.

But a few years ago, Clipmasta veered away from doing her razor-sharp lines and went a bit... rogue...

Let's be real. Those swirls are fantastic.

And it was all over from there. 

I can't go nuts when I am clipping for other people, of course, so I have to keep it under wraps until I can let loose a little on my own horses. This resulted in O's trace clip of course...

Which was all kinds of ridiculous fun to do. Everybody LOVES that clip, and everybody comments on it wherever we go. We were even featured in Eventing Nation for it.

Red mares being red mares, she has grown most of it back and is now back to getting very hot and sweaty every day. Seriously, the mare sweats like a sinner in church. She is all kinds of a hot mess when she gets going.

Well that won't do. Clearly she needed to be reclipped, and she needed a more extensive job done.

So, I went a little nuts.

I went over all the old lines from the last clip (rather hastily, and partly in the dark) and therefore all of the old squares look terrible. I also had to use nasty dull blades, which sucked a lot but it still turned out somewhat ok. I'll have to re-go over them tomorrow and straighten them all up. It was all freehand, and in the twilight-y shadows of the barn, so I suppose it's not too terrible of a job. And yes, I did do half her face with squares too.

She is a really, really good girl for her clippings and stands immobile in the barn aisle for as long as I need her to be still. That said, I'm not sure she quite agrees with the idea of the new clip job. I think the look on her face pretty much sums it up:

"Y. U. Do. Dis."


  1. OMG I LOVE this!! I loved the previous zipper clip, but this one is even better!

  2. She looks like an unfinished puzzle! :-D

    I bow to the Clipmasta. Seriously, just getting the little tail triangle thing-y semi-triangular is an epic struggle for me. Actually, I pretty much suck @ clipping--the horse always looks like its hair was chewed off by drunken rats. Guess it's just not one of my talents!

  3. And, pray tell, what are the Tailmasta's secrets? My boy's tail is patheticly stringy despite all my attempts @ beautification.

  4. She looks like those kid's play mats they put on the floor and connect together. Love it!

  5. Oh my goodness, you are THE Clipmaster! Love it!

  6. That swirly clip of Gogo's has always been a favorite of mine!

    Shemovedtotexas is totally onto something with her comparison to snap-together floor mats!!

  7. Such an awesome job! I gots a Hairy Haffie you can go to town on...

  8. Love it! Hunters have such boring clip jobs, I'm jealous!

  9. The only logical solution is to resubmit to EN so you can be featured again.

  10. I love it! She looks like a castle.

  11. Your clipping is really cool! but I NEED your tailmaster secrets! I have a few horses that have pitiful tails. Help...please?

  12. I love it,also if her tail goes missing I do not have it!

  13. Oh my god, LOVE!! And on a sassy red mare to boot, my favorite kind!

  14. Love the clips - I would imagine those styles would be in demand and you could make a little extra as Clipma$ta. :)

  15. That is so awesome!!! Wow! You're very talented!

    Oh and I love the free jumping video, but don't know enough about jumping form to comment. It was still fun to watch. :D