Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pics from High Roller!

Got in our pics from High Roller!! 

I *had* to order the bloopers... they were just too good not to share. 

We were having a disagreement about speed, probably. "No, you can't run as fast as you want the entire way damnit."

Holding it together and looking good. But I have got to lose some WEIGHT!

Uppity uppity mare about halfway through our first loop... you can see how much she had sweated up and wasted energy getting all hot and bothered! And I am making some awkward sexy faces....

By the end she had really found her stride and had figured it out... fresh, happy mare cantering across the finish line at mile 25! Removed the boots and the sweater at the hold and we were both much happier for it. Notice we were still NOT on a long or loose rein... if I had let her go she would have been in Egypt by the time I had her back under control!