Monday, June 3, 2013

Bleeding Hearts: Help save this kitten! - UPDATED Fixed Link!

At 4:15AM, my alarm went off this morning. I groaned, rolled over, shut it off, and slept for another hour, much later than I had expected. I managed to drag myself up and be out the door at 6:15, 15 minutes later than I had hoped, and headed off to the barn. Had I not slept in, and had I not been late, I would have completely missed being a part of today's story. Fate is an unusual thing sometimes.

As I merged onto the freeway and sped up to 70mph, I glanced over at a TINY little black and white bundle of fluff on the side of the road, just sitting there at the edge of the grass on the side of the freeway. "What the.... was that a kitten?" was all I could think, and I was so intrigued that I merged off at the next exit, turned around, got back on the freeway, turned around again, and went back to see what it was. Sure enough, it was a TINY kitten, sitting immobile on the side of the road, only a few feet away from getting creamed by a speeding vehicle. When I got out of the car he hissed and tried to run, but didn't make it very far in the long grass. I caught him, changed my plans for the day, and took him home. He was absolutely skin and bones.

At home, I gave him some dropper-fuls of water (he was SO THIRSTY), some wet food in little portions (he was SO HUNGRY), and some lovin. I watched him limp around and realized pretty quickly that one of his hind legs was totally unusable, and also had a big scrape on it. He was scared at first, but warmed up to being petted VERY quickly:

Off to the vet we went - I wasn't even sure that he was going to survive. Much to my delight, they think he stands a very good chance. He's about 6 weeks old. His leg is broken in at least 2 places, one of which is right in the patellar/growth plate area, which means that the leg isn't likely to heal well. He'll need a limb amputation if he is going to survive.

I am in no way set up to take on another cat, much less front the bills for another mouth to feed, but this little guy is a fighter and a sweetheart and deserves a fighting chance. We're going to do a round of antibiotics and see if we can get his weight up, and then he'll need surgery. I hope to foster him until he is well and then find him a loving home, but I need your help! Surgery and care is expected to be a few hundred dollars - it's not a ton of money thankfully, but it's still more than I have just sitting around. Every little bit helps, and you'll be giving this little love a chance at life. The blogging community has come together before to help with rescues, and I've always been amazing at the generosity of each and every one of you. Let's give this little guy a chance at a new life!

(The link *should* be fixed now, so fire away! If you can't get the link to work, you can send the donation to!)


  1. Awww, I love tuxedo kitties! That one looks EXACTLY like a starved, dirty but oh so sweet fellow we found living up in the engine of one of our parked trucks, eesh. People used to dump kittens all the time at our old office, disgusting. I did manage to place two and the rest went off to a vet clinic that will adopt them out as long as you leave a "care" donation. Dang Orange Cat never did find himself a new home, so now I have a $400 enormous orange beast that, though I never wanted him, is a fantastic cat and so grateful every day.

    Good luck, I am sorry I am broke from being too much of a bleeding heart here!

  2. Omg!I love him! I would be willing to take him, if I wasn't it Wisconsin! I will donate on Friday/ Payday!

  3. Goodness, that poor little scrap is so lucky you spotted him there. I wonder what his story is.. knowing how cruel people can be I'm actually wondering if his littermates are also somewhere along that highway. I'll send what I can, I wish I could send more. Give him a smooch for me, it's lovely to see how much he's loving those head rumples!

  4. Hey Andrea your Paypal button doesn't seem to do anything other than take me to Paypal! Is there an email addy or something we should use? :)

  5. Yup - same as above...I went to donate but it takes me to the home screen of paypal. I wanna help save the little kittenface! And bless you for helping his cute little butt...surely he wouldn't have lived without your help - glad you slept late!! :)

  6. Thanks for pointing that out! It should be fixed now! And THANK YOU to everyone!!

  7. Hmm...It could very well be me, but I tried to click the paypal button at the bottom of the post & it brought me to the paypal home screen again?
    Is there a link in the paragraphs I'm overlooking? Or an email address I can just send it direct?
    I'm sorry - I fail at the internet. :-(

  8. Found the email - paypal sent! :)
    Bless you for taking care of the little munch. If I was anywhere near TX, I'd be looking to adopt him from you when he was ready!

  9. $20 sent. Good luck little guy!